Next step - Substrate based TESTNET is up! !!!

The new Substrate based Oracol Xor platform TESTNET is up and running. We are transitioning to a utility based platform where we can deploy Smart Contracts, Defi and NFT apps.

Oracol Xor in the media

Oracol Xor is being featured in Blogs and Websites that promote Crypto Currencies all over the world.



Promote Oracol XOR and Cryptocurrency Mass Adoption globally

Establish an Oracol XOR, Substrate based platform in 2021

Facilitate Smart contracts and other DeFi products development on our platform

Build own infrastructure for NFT market and similar popular products.


Smart Contract, NFT and DeFi

OnChain Democracy Features

Incredibly Low Network Fees

Digital Identity Capable Patform

- Compete with ETH network and encourage smart contracts and DeFi products migration to Oracol Xor platform

- Ready for takeoff in 2021 !!!

Promotional Videos

Quick watch - Get more information about our platform.

Substrate Testnet Active

How can you benefit from investing in the new Substrate based Oracol Xor Platform

Compete at the top level

The new Substrate based Oracol Xor platform will compete by offering lower transaction fees (gas fees) and encouraging Ethereum network smart contracts migration to our platform in just few steps.

Financial Freedom

Diversify your options. Add to your portfolio Oracol Xor funds and reap the benefits by investing early in the fast growing cryptocurrency field. Do not be left behind in the game.


The new Oracol XOR platform uses a Substrate based POS/POW blockchain. All transactions are executed between the users directly and not through a centralised organisation. Say "Good Bye" to the middle man and exorbitant transaction fees.

Social Media Platform "Oracol World"

Connect with our community and discover like minded people. Read about the platform development and progress. Make new friends and discuss tutorials or help the others to catch up.Make your own group and share the knowledge. You can access the site by clicking the link below:

"ORACOL WORLD" Social Media Platform


Oracol Xor Platform Roadmap 2017 to 2020 July

Roadmap continued

Oracol Xor Platform Roadmap 2020 - 2022


Graviex Exchange listing succesful on 01 September 2020

  • 84,185,264
  • 184,000,000
Mined XOR Coins Total Supply XOR Coins

Oracol Xor Coin Statistics and Info

- Coin Algorithm Scrypt (PoW)
- Coin Abbreviation : XOR
- Maximum Coin Supply : 184 millions
- Coins Mined so far : 84+ millions and counting
- Coin base maturity : 100 confirmations
- POW block reward : 6.25 XOR (current)
- Block Spacing : 30 seconds

The Beginning of an Ambitious Crypto Platform.

In Addition to the goals described in the Withe Paper initially Oracol Xor crypto will monetize our own Social Media platform - " Oracol World" and the Global News Platform "NEWZ.APP".This is another incentive to promote and grow both platforms and esdtablish a long term mutual beneficial relation. One thing you can be sure of is that we deliver on our promises to expand and the results are tangible not just words to impress the reader. Unlike other projects you can explore and evaluate what we have built .

Exchange Integration

ORACOL XOR coin was recently approved for listing and future trading on the Graviex Exchange Graviex



To start mining on our Oracol XOR Official Mining Pool follow the link below:
MINING and go the "Get Started" section for additional information on how to configure your mining equipment.

Start Mining Now Oracol Xor Cryptocurrency

Payment will be sent every 30 minutes
Minimum payment 1 XOR

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Make an online Oracol Xor Paper Wallet! Just click the image below. Is a lot of fun and the graphics are amazing!